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8/31/2018 2:26:12 AM
Hello as i am up its 12:41 am Friday August 30th 2018. While my husband is sleeping due to the long last 10 months i have not been the same were i can go to be due to anxiety stress worried about our 10 year old son whom was removed by CPS Feb 13th 2018 only do to what they thought was homeless we paid for hotel weekly monthly and do to no transportation i decided to homeschool my son but was told no by cps. Long story i make it as short as i can. Last July 2017 we had moved a moving customer at this time we had been in business almost 18 years well as most know us and all that dont relize fast how me my husband are at a drop their for anyone who needs help we love to help famlies kids seniors and all. We had got a call from one of our forecloser partners to see if we can do a move at a very low rate. I did i had been on the job this time and the wife and husband melted my heart they lost their home and non stop life facing issues so we paid the first 7 weeks of hotel cost food rides to drs apts and so on then 4th of july came we invited them then we decided to help and told them they can stay for two weeks. Well needless to say i was very fooled and devastated that they had been up to know good since day 1 of our meeting talking. We were frauded everything from our vehicles all savings all special memories baby pictures my parents things and they had passed in 2008 i care nothing about material items i am torn into shattered pieces that huge prayer i need is for us to be able to get a home to have CPS place our son back home. As we had all our savings all money fraued from us so we ran out of what lil money that was available went two fast spending hotel at $199 a night cost of eating out due to limited cooking place none in hotel then cost of rides to customers and more. We ended up losing our vehicles home all belongings then i could not pay for our web advertising are sites as we owned a moving company highly recmened by locals all business slowly the company went then nothing as we lost our business phone lines due to non payment cause our moving company was not bringing in money anymore. I asking for prayers i been praying non stop everyday since before i could walk i need as much support and prayers cause if we cant get a home by are atleast few weeks before CPS next court they want to adopt start that planning my heart is so hurt broken that my son every visit every time Mom want come home why am i not home i cry non stop we have 6 kids our 10 year old is our younger never had CPS involed no history nothing never have i been like this not worried about how to i am very concerned that my son is not with me are dad us family together my son was removed by only cps and their supervisor cause i homeschooled my son due to losing our vehicles i refused to no longer take a bus have my son on a 3 hr journey to just get to school then same when school day was over hotel they say is not stable but we provided safty shelter food loving parents with our family still together we didnt care we lived in a hotel our older kiddos are in collage we raised them they are as well very hurt concerned want stop collage come home i told them know God will make sure all is okay and hear our prayers and voice. I cant seem to find anyone willing to rent to me and my husband do to now after losing all our credit is nothing caused by all fraud when i even take shiw give copies from FBI investigation and all reporting Credit that they pull see the only time was last end of year due to the people frauding us they dont care i pray that a landlord someone will see and trust in us i have out over 70 house rental apps and paid over $4,000 to credit checks background app fews still rebuilding our company and not yet are we close to having any extra money as CPS case we pay a lawyer as well we pinch pennies everday. My family only wants to push forward together myself my husband our son together as any all family should please pray for my son pray for us to be together we had enough hurt our life faced with alot if changes and hurt enough without my son i cant sleep hardly eat i cant focus as normal due to what already we had been faced ontop my son i have to can not let this happen i try to give it all to our God try but i feel so much pain sadness due to my son whom i love so very much and i want my lil monkey with us asking for all prayers cause we for my son pray for my son our family together and to have a place to call home so we can heal move passed that all has hit us hard just cant move forward without my son i search everday for home out of places to call for rent just want a home my son more then anything thank you for reading about my family and taking the time to and for all your prayers. Blessing Chavonne (mom) Dominic (dad) Ethyn (our son who we love so much)
4/2/2018 11:59:03 AM
Need a lot help, I have 2 boys, just got a job, wont get paid fir 2 weeks. I NEED HELP WITH RENT. AND OTHER STUFF. STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY. Struggling singke mom. PLEASE HELP ME GOD. PLEASE HELP. I'm in need financially. I love you. Thank you. Amen
1/26/2018 10:41:03 AM
needing help with Xcell utility bill. am on disability and unable to work. have no transportation.
1/26/2018 10:34:03 AM
needing financial help with utility bill. I am disabled, unable to work, and do not have transportation..
Posted by:ANNE
9/27/2017 4:22:07 PM
Please pray for healing in all areas for 4 people with serious illness and their family, and that they will use the healings for God. Please pray for conversion for the whole family.
God, please Bless each of you.
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